Short Bio

I obtained my PhD in Information and Communication Technology from the University of Trento, Italy, under the supervision of Prof. Gian Pietro Picco and Dr. Amy Murphy. I was also a member of the D3S research group.

In 2002/2003 I have received a B.Sc./M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Automation and Computer Science at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Before Digital Catapult, I was a lecturer at the Computer Science Department at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and a senior researcher at Nimbus Research Centre at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland.


January 10, 2020: Together with Ana Aguiar, I am organzing the PhD Forum of WoWMoM2020.

November 10, 2019: NewNets 2020 will be colocated with WoWMoM!

September 25, 2019: The list of accepted workshops and tutorials @EWSN2020 is available now!

July 16, 2019: Enjoyed showing people how to run power consumption measurements for FiPy at the Pycom #GOINVENT workshop in London!

Scientific events for which I'm serving now

[NEW!] PhD Forum co-chair at WoWMoM 2020!
[NEW!] TPC co-chair of NewNets2020 Workshop!
[NEW!] TPC member of IoTDI 2020 Posters and Demos.
Workshops co-chair at EWSN 2020.

Recent Selected Publications

My full publication list is available here.

I.S.A. Dhanapala, R. Marfievici, S. Palipana, P. Agrawal and D. Pesch, "White Space Prediction for Low-power Wireless Networks: A Data-Driven Approach" [pdf], DCOSS 2018.

C.A. Boano, S. Duquennoy, A. Förster, O. Gnawali, R. Jacob, H.S. Kim, O. Landsiedel, R. Marfievici, L. Mottola, G.P. Picco, X. Vilajosana, T. Watteyne, and M. Zimmerling, "IoTBench: Towards a Benchmark for Low-power Wireless Networking" [pdf], CPSBench Workshop 2018.