Students (past and present)

Ph.D. Students
  • Tharindu Ranathunga (started 2018). Co-advised with Susan Rea and Alan McGibney.
  • I.S.A. Dhanapala (started 2015). Co-advised with Dirk Pesch and Piyush Agrawal (UTRC).
M.Sc. Students
  • Fabrizio Zeni, "Assessing the Impact of Routing Protocols in Outdoor Wireless Sensor Networks", DISI, University of Trento, Italy, 2014. Co-supervised with Prof. Gian Pietro Picco.
Interns Spring 2018
  • Karolina Kubek, student from CIT (Cork, Ireland), works on the SURF project.
Interns Summer 2016
  • Dorian Lao and Charles Rogers, students from UPMC (Paris, France), work on porting TRIDENT to Contiki. Co-supervised with Timofei Istomin from DISI, University of Trento.